This week in our house…

We had a rather normal uneventful week. We started out wanting to watch the rocket take off from Virginia. They said we would be able to see it from New Jersey (they said even Boston!). So we went outside to look for it. Here is what we saw:
If you look really closely you might see a deer in there. That is all we really saw. At one point we thought we might see the rocket but no, it had a flashing light and was clearly a really large airplane. Perhaps next time.

Nathaniel did the letter A by himself with some items from his Mother Goose Time curriculum. He also told Tony on Wednesday that “tomorrow is Thursday”. Which I found odd as I had eased up on teaching him the days of the week.

We had a VERY warm week. On Wednesday this week we walked to Walmart and it was HOT. It wasn’t fun! Last night we also walked there and it was muggy! I really think that I moved to Florida and I wasn’t told. It looks like New Jersey but it really isn’t. As you can see, my azalea bush has one blossom on it. Clearly it is confused as well! I should also mention that it is currently raining.

On Thursday the boys did “circles” together. Max enjoyed making a “mud” pie with Nathaniel. This is mud made from chocolate pudding, baking soda, water and a bit of oil.


Yesterday I made french toast sticks because the boys talked me into getting frozen ones the other week and they were bland and tasteless. I figured I could do better so I got some thick sliced brioche bread and made french toast with that. I then cut them into 4 strips, put them on a baking sheet, brushed them with coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I then baked them for 10 minutes at 450. They came out with a bit of a crunch on the outside and a soft inside. Perfect! I froze a whole bunch as I made 2 loaves of sticks. 🙂

This week I also started part of my vitamin regiment to figure out if this will help me with not getting sick. I started taking fish oil (just Costco brand for now), Now brand echinacea (think this is 400 mg), and I was taking the Airborne Vitamin C immune support (I take 2 for each dose). All of this I take twice a day. I am also taking a powdered cow colostrum. That I combine with water (1 tablespoon to about 4 oz of water) and take on an empty stomach twice a day. That has been a bit of a challenge, but I find taking it first thing in the morning and before dinner works best for me. I still need to get some Astragalus and start taking that. Perhaps today I can find that locally. So far I think it is helping, but time will tell.

Today is my 40th birthday. 10 years ago today I was watching as Emily was extubated and I could finally hold my baby whenever I wanted and not get permission from 5 people to do so. So compared to that, I don’t know how today could be better. We are taking Max to german school, I am going to do “circles” with Nathaniel while he is in school. After that I am not sure what we will do. I couldn’t sleep well last night (not sure why, this has been happening the last few days) so hopefully I can get a nap later.