Ikea before the fire alarm.

Nathaniel and the bunny he made. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ugg! So yesterday I went to my primary care doctor thinking he would tell me a whole list of things that I could take to boost my immune system. I didn’t get that (though in the past he has done that for people… just not recently and not for this particular issue). Instead I am told I should go to an acupuncturist. Tony is VERY much against acupuncture. He thinks it doesn’t work and in order for something to work in me, I have to believe it will. So that is a no go.

I have decided to try the list of herbs that I talked about in my last post. I forwarded on that list (item and dosage) to my oncologist and she will tell me yes or no. I figure that is good enough for me.

I feel like even though I am 6 years removed from my cancer that every doctor just sees me as a cancer patient. Statistically I am the same as everyone else with me getting cancer again, but because I have an issue that came up because of the cancer, that is really just a quality of life issue, that everyone is just rubber stamping what the prior person said. No one is willing to look outside the box and say, “Hey, this woman still has her maternal grandmother doing well, her paternal grandmother just died this year. Maybe we shouldn’t look at this drug that is not an easy one to take and she may have to be on for 40-50 years or more!” So I am taking things into my own hands.

Last night we were FINALLY able to go to our Walmart. It opened yesterday! YAY!! We walked there and I think we got the best spot in the place. It was PACKED. It is a Super Walmart so it has groceries, clothes, and dangerously, a sewing department. However the walk there and back took at toll on me. I am clearly not used to walking that much. Today I just want to go to sleep and not move for a while. Tony has said that he would be up for going there whenever I want to go so hopefully that will be soon. I could see us doing normal grocery shopping there and walking to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Which brings me to another point. My mom is wanting to move to a city. Tony and I lived in a city (Cambridge, MA) when we first got married. So I have all the stuff that we used to use in the city to shop with. We have a shopping cart and such. So in the not too distant future I hope to have a post on how to shop in a city. It seems silly but I learned rather quickly what we needed to make it work. Keep in mind, I also like to have things on hand. So rarely do I just get a few things when I shop. Though that may change as I need to get a workout clearly!

Today, Nathaniel had a doctor visit/well check. He is normal. He has nothing wrong with him. He did get a DTAP vaccine though. ๐Ÿ™ He wasn’t happy about that. However we did have donuts in the car (Walmart had my favorite donuts maple!!) so that made everything better. He has been asleep ever since.

I am hoping to go apple picking this weekend. We will have to see about the weather. Today is Max’s last day of school this week (except for German… that transcends normal school). I am debating giving him Monday off as well, though with the holiday with normal schools it might be better to push that off till Friday. I do know that he is getting the 21st off for my birthday (22). Not sure what we will be doing that day though.