Beta today…

Okay here is the size that the little bean should be right now. I included a sesame seed because some things I see say that is how big they are now, and not the apple seed. Anyway there it is.

My beta came back at 2321. This is quite high. It nearly tripled which isn’t normal in 48 hours. I am preparing mentally for identicals honestly. I will have my first ultrasound on Friday. I know that I don’t have an ectopic (which can also do things like this with the beta) and at this point the beta is higher then  Max’s was at this same point. Max was at 1796 up from 1014 at this point. The triplets (which Tony is worried about) was at 5430 at this point, up from 2283 two days earlier. So at least we know we didn’t hit the really rare, identical triplets! 
I did ask them about this but they said nothing. I guess legally that is what they should say. But to me this seems like a HUGE jump so we will have to see what comes on Friday. At least my appointment is first thing in the morning!


  1. OMG!! Congratulations!!!

    I’ve been stalking your journal for a while now, just to see what’s going on. Sounds wonderful so far! 🙂


    Kris (kris73, mum to Thomas and now Nio)

  2. Congrats Jenn! I am so excited for you guys! Did your dad tell you that Christina is pregnant too? Funny cause you and her are 2 months apart and you will have kids that are close in age too. So cool!

    All my love to you.

    Auntie Julie

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