Photo overload!!

Today Max and I went to a museum with some friends.
The museum was on pre-industrial age.
Max did some hands on things…
Then we walked around a bit…
Max on a “buggy”
Awww fine pewter!
Meat making!
This is the center atrium. Very full!
Candy making
I loved the chamberpot wheel chair. 
Printing press
Cider press… talk about making a lot of cider!!
There was also a needlepoint exhibit there. 
Outside the museum…
Afterwards Max and I went to a park with our friends…
A look at the fall foliage now…
We saw this bug at the farm last Thursday. Pretty cool!
Yesterday was infant and child loss remembrance day. So I had my candles up. I added 4 more this year… the window thankfully didn’t go up with them.