Max day 142…

Hello everyone!

Sorry for no photo’s today. I will try to take some this afternoon for tomorrow’s post.

Max is doing well. I think he has been chronically sleep deprived since we started putting him to sleep in his crib. Because I slept with him again last night and today his nap times are much much easier. The same was true last night. So we are going to do the VERY slowly get Max to sleep in his crib thing at night.

I am tired of sleeping in the guest bed. I mean don’t get me wrong, for a $250 grad school special (Tony got the bed in grad school for $250) it is a great bed but it doesn’t really compare to my wonderful sleep number bed (which cost a bit more then $250). So today we went out and got some strapping. You know the kind that you would use in a truck to tie down items so they don’t blow away when you are going to a destination. And we are going to wrap the box spring (well not really spring it is more of a platform with sleep number bed) and put it through the front slots in Max’s crib and tie his crib to the bed. This will make it so his crib has 3 sides normal and the forth side will be open to me. Once I have Max sleeping in his crib regularly I will put up his bumper so he can’t see me while he sleeps. Then we will put back his forth wall and then gradually start moving him back into his room (move him to the corner in our room, then his room). I imagine it will take time for this but this seems to be the best solution for us.

In other news Max did very well when we went out to get our eyes checked. My eyes as I thought are normal. Tony’s eyes… well they are not normal but this doctor did find a way for Tony to see better then he was with his current prescription. So Tony is getting new glasses. We are thinking that he will get the kind with magnets so that he can have a “clip on” (magnet on) sun glasses. We have been wanting him to have prescription sunglasses and I guess this is the closest we can get. The magnets have to be strong enough for a person to shake the glasses and the sun glass “clip” to not fly off, other wise the guy who sells the glasses will not even show them to customers.

I was thinking yesterday of Emily and I know that the day that we lost Emily (5 months 5 day) is rapidly approaching for Max. So I looked to see when we made a post for Emily around now. And I found out that December 19th was Emily’s 142nd day (see her blog listed right). On that day Emily was being supplemented with formula. To my delight I can tell you that Max will not need to be supplemented anytime soon.

If anyone has an recommendations on what we should do to celebrate Max on his 5 month 5 days day (or day 159) please post a comment to this post. I am in need of ideas.

That is about all for today! Talk to you later.