Sorry no pictures today. Tomorrow Max and I are not going anywhere so I am going to try to do “a day in the life” and take tons of pictures of him.

We have snow here right now and the temperatures are in the 20’s (-6 about Celsius). It is so nice to see snow. I am of the mindset that if there is cold weather then it better snow!

Anyway Max is doing well. He has been sleeping in his crib every night though he did have one night in his bassinet when I was confused by what he wanted. I have found that if I let him cluster feed (eat then have a short break then eat again, repeat as needed) he sleeps better then when I don’t. Last night he didn’t cluster feed and he was up 4 times! That wasn’t fun.

Today Max went to his first playgroup. He did well, he mostly slept then woke up and was hungry. Ha ha! We will have to see how he does next week.

I wanted to comment on the hat that I made Max. When I saw this hat in the pattern book it looked more like a Santa hat. You know fluffy at the bottom and then plain at top. However the way it turned out it wasn’t very Santa like. Also Max doesn’t quite fit into it yet. So it is possible that next year he will have more of a Santa hat.

I was asked about Max’s bedroom and if it is completed yet. Sadly it isn’t. Tony is currently working on a workbench (making one from scratch… though using a solid core door). He then has to make a miter saw stand and some saw horses. Once that is done then we will get back to doing things around the house. To which Tony isn’t looking forward to since it will involve scraping of wallpaper in the living room.

Well that is about all I have for now and Max just woke up.

Talk to you later!