9 weeks 3 days…

Well with this post, this blog is offically longer then Emily’s. That is so strange for me. So on that note, I will tell you about the dream I had last night.

I was in a very non-descript but bright room. There are several adults in the room and I am just sitting there. Then I hear a commotion behind me, and a person puts down a baby to show how they are walking. I turn around and instantly want to sit on the floor. I put my arms out and say “Emily come to Mommy!” The baby who had hobbled over to some other large people, turns around, smiles and walks like most babies do when they are learning to walk, to me. I pick her up and hold her in the air over my head like many parents do. Emily was in a dress that I can only describe as a dress simular to Marie Osmonds Dolls type of dress or a frilly Shirley Temple dress.

I then woke up. All I know is that the person who had put down Emily and was showing her how to walk, was clearly her caretaker. Emily didn’t look like she did when she died, or even in her good days before she died, for those of you that know how she got. She was clearly older, but like pictures of people we met after they were a baby, she was clearly Emily.

When I woke up I was very confused. After some time I thought that maybe Emily was able to give me a wonderful gift. That being a snapshot of her life now, and what she is doing.

This brings up the whole question of what happens to babies when they die, do they still age? Do older people get younger? So you can just imagine what I have been pondering today.

As far as Baby F, they are doing good. He/She gave me a hard time on Saturday night. We had a horriable storm that night, and our power did go out. However it didn’t matter to me because junior was making me feel so bad I had to go to bed anyway.

That is about all I have for now. I have an ultrasound a week from today. Talk to you later!
35 inch waist now…


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Jennifer,

    Was out of town over the weekend and just getting a chance to catch up with your latest news.

    I hope your dream was a good thing for you. It does lead to some monumental questions that I guess none of us can answer.

    Hope you are feeling better today.


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