Hello Everyone…

Well I have been hounded by just about everyone I know that I haven’t posted to this blog in over a week. Just so you know, there was nothing to report. Today is my beta blood pregnancy test. Sure I had a blood test last Friday but I didn’t find out the results of that.

I have spent my week, finishing my maternity shirt that I was making, and working on a very labor intensive summer dress that I hope will not fit me this year. I am still not done with my dress either. I have some hand sewing to do on it. Then I get to have the fun of putting in an invisible zipper. Something I have never done before so that should be fun!

Other then that not much has been happening with me. I did get a flower from one of our grocery stores the other week and so far I haven’t killed it. So now I have 2 plants inside. My ivy is growing very well!

Well that is all I know for now. I will update when I get my call this afternoon.


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