The last week…

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Well not much has been happening with us. We had an uneventful 4th of July. I thought it might be worse on me then it was since that is the 1 year aniversary of me going into the hospital. But I got through it okay. Since then not much has been happening. I am continuing with my Lupron injections and I can feel them effecting me. Not only mood but weight as well. I think I have gained about 4 lbs since I started taking it. Not that that is a bad thing!

I have my appointment on Thursday and I will more then likely not know anything till the afternoon since I am sure that they will need to check my blood levels. So hopefully I will be starting my stimulation drugs on Friday. That should put my egg retrieval around July 24th and if we are able to do a 5 day transfer (what we want to do) we will have little Max and Lizzie put back in me on July 29th. If successful that would put our due date in April and me at the 24 weeks 0 day mark on Christmas day. I delivered the triplets on 24 weeks 0 days.

So I am hoping for the best! I will let you know how it goes and I will post more messages later this week. I want to have a good daily/semidaily journal for our child/ren. Ha ha!



  1. Rowena

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am excited for you that things are really moving along now. I will pray that all is well when you see the doctor on Thursday so you can start the stimulation drugs on Friday. We will be on a trip from July 17 to August 2 but I hope to be able to check-in by computer once in awhile to see how things are going with you.

    Your plants look so healthy. Have you eaten any tomatoes yet?

    Take care, Rowena

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Your friends here in Philly (not just us…but also some of the ICN nurses that we talk to on a regular basis) are still thinking about you guys. I love the names Max and Lizzie and wish you and Tony all the best on the stimming and transfer and everything. Meanwhile, your tomato plants look great…we have two in containers in our back garden and I’m waiting for my first tomato of the season to ripen (it just turned pale). Lots of basil is growing alongside it so that it can be turned into a lovely salad.

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