Embryo Transfer

First of all I would like to mention that today is the 1 year anniversary of my giving birth to the three wonderful lights in Tony’s and my life. Even though they were here for a brief moment in time they will always be in our hearts. I am sure that they are looking after … [Read more…]

Embryo Report Day 2

Hello, Well we got our phone call. I guess we have 1 – 6 celled embryo, and 3 – 4 celled embryo’s. The final embryo never divided and is still 1 celled. Our transfer will be tomorrow at 1:45. They will decide which two of the 3 – 4 celled (currently) embryo’s that we will … [Read more…]

More information…

I thought I would show you what they are looking and at when they look at the embryoes. If you look at this link You will see what our 5 little embryo’s looked like yesterday. This shows you what the one that was “abnormal” looked like. We had only one that fertilized abnormally. We have … [Read more…]

Report on Embryo’s day 1

Well we just got our fertilization report and 5 of the 9 fertilized. So we are hopefull that we can transfer them on Wednesday and not on Monday. We will have to see though. We will know more information tomorrow!Jennifer

Egg Retrival Day…

Hello, Well this morning we had our egg retrival. They retrieved 9 eggs. This is a good number. I shouldn’t have to worry about OHSS. So that is good. I am feeling well. No real pain but I am only out 4 hours so the pain meds may still be in me. I do have … [Read more…]