Busy week!

Alyzabeth's dress back Alyzabeth's Sun Dress front Alyzabeth's sun dress back Alyzabeth's hat Alyzabeth's dress front

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing this I had a confusing and strange week. To start with we now have a plan for when I should be starting lupron again. I will go back on June 25 and hopefully my cyst will be resolved by then and I could start lupron at that time. I went in on Friday and my cyst was still there and was about the same size. However the rest of my body is moving on so hopefully the cyst will too. At least that is our hope.

Tony and I have decided to take a small vacation next weekend. We are going to drive down to Florida to relax for a bit and get the windows coated with a UV coating on the minivan. This will make it so I don’t have to worry about putting on sunscrean when I go out for a drive. Not that we do that very often. Ha ha!

Other then that my tomatoes are growing rapidly. We caged one yesterday. I have been going more on my sewing as you can see. I have a bit more to do but I have to wait till I get more thread in the lavendar. That is about all that is happening now.

Talk to you all when we get back!

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  1. Rowena

    Have a fun trip next weekend. Hopefully you will have wonderful weather.

    I love the cute dress you made. You have inspired me and I am going to go buy material today to make both of my grandaughters some cut outfits.

    I had some surgery last Friday and I’m supposed to take it very easy this next week so sewing will be the perfect thing for me to do.

    Take care, Rowena

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