Sad news


Well hopefully this is our one and only hiccup for this future pregnancy. I am offically canceled. I am stopping lupron and waiting till I get my next cycle to let them know that I have a next cycle then I have to wait till Cycle Day 20 again and start lupron (again) then do this all over again. Basically I have been put back to about where I was late March. I shouldn’t need the testing all over again. I am unsure about the blood tests and cultures though. It is basically a waiting game.

I will likely be starting lupron again sometime in July with start stimulating drugs sometime in Aug.

This has clearly upset both of us. We have put so much of our grief of Emily into starting again. July will be one sad rough month for us.

Talk to you later!


  1. Oh I am so sad for you. I will be praying for you that all will go well in the future for you. I picked up your site a while ago while baby Emily was in the hospital. I have been praying for you since then.

  2. Anonymous

    I am really sorry… I know the ache of disappointment when you are looking forward to something so much.

    The children’s clothes are adorable.

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