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Okay now I am sure that many of you are not happy with me right now. I should have posted this earlier this week. I do have a good excuse though. My mother came into town on Wednesday and I was spending time with her. She left this afternoon so therefore I can write now.

Okay, well I finally started my “Lupron Cycle.” At least that is what I am calling it. Those of you that have read all of Emily’s blog might remember that I had an injection teaching class then I had an “emergency appointment” for bloodwork and ultrasound that same day. That was because I was on cycle day 20 when I had my injection class and therefore finished all obsticals of me starting my injection cycle. Injection cycles, at least at my RE’s office start on cycle day 20 of the prior cycle. So I missed cycle day 20 of my last cycle so therefore I have to wait for it for this cycle. I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions please ask. My cycle day 20 for this cycle is on May 11. Therefore that is the day that I will begain my Lupron injections. Those of you that are more familar with IVF may know that most people start with birth control pills. My RE is not using them with me.

Last Tuesday Tony and I went to see the counselor that our RE required us to see before begaining IVF. I get the impression that this is hard on many marriages and they want to make sure that they can help us if we needed it. After all it is not very good to bring a child into an unhealthy relationship! Well I think we shocked the lady. After all IVF can’t compare to the last year of our lives. If anything would have caused a strain on our relationship it would have been the fact that our lives revolved around a hospital for 6 months last year. After we told her that she saw that we were fine. Ha ha! We mainly talked about the children and she seemed surprised that we saw them as separate individuals. We knew they were all different even before they were born. Therefore when we talk about them we talk about them as indivduals not as one in the same. It was a bit of a draining evening but good to get to tell someone else of the miracle of little Emily, Alexander and Christopher.

As far as the visit with my mom, we went shopping most of the time. My mom is taking a wonderful trip next month in that she is fly to the British Virgin Islands, then renting a sailboat with a couple of couples. Together they are going to go sailing around for a week. Well because of this it called for some major shopping! I also needed a few things so that was good! I ended up with a pair of sandles (my old ones Tony claims are toxic waste!) and a top to wear with my sun protective clothing (nursing friendly). Then today my mom and I were talking about sewing machines and I decided to get a cheaper machine to get my feet wet sewing again. I really want to make that pattern that I found (and mentioned on here) a few months ago. This will allow me to do that. Who knows I may also want to make more clothes and things for the next child(ren).

Finally today we went and got some plants for my containers on the balcony. I loved working my “garden” two years ago but I wasn’t able to have one last year. This year I thought I should be able to do it. I am starting peppers by seed now. Tony loves hot things and this would be good for us to have hot peppers to dry. I will be posting pictures of the sprouts as they grow. Today is day 1.

Well that is about all I have for now. If anyone has any questions just ask!

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Jennifer,

    I am glad 2007 seems to be going so well for you and Tony. I will continue to hold you in my prayers. I hope the Peppers grow well. In Australia Bell Peppers or Capsicums – not hot at all and Chillie Peppers are the hot ones, but I don’t eat either variety. I hope the sewing projects go well.

    I’m hopeless with projects – I tend not to finish things so I will pray for you and hope you will be able to finish all the things you want to.

    Praying that God continues to watch over you both.



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