Ten Weeks, Three Days, Three Pounds

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Yes, Little Miss Emily has finally made it to the three pound mark (1360 grams)!

She is currently being treated for yet another respiratory infection. The doctors made some slight adjustments in her ventilator settings today, reducing the number of breaths to 40 per minute, and increasing her pressures. The goal is to try to help her lungs vent off some of the CO2 that’s been building up.

Emily got to be held by Mommy again today. Per usual, she liked it. She was smiling and the nurse was able to wean her oxygen settings a bit. Other than that, Emily is likely going to be moved tonight to a different part of the nursery. In a rather bittersweet moment, Emily is no longer the sickest baby in the ICN and they need her isolation room for a new baby that is even smaller than Emily was when she was born. (Which is hard to imagine!) We hope that the other little baby does as well as Emily has been. We were right where their parents were just ten weeks ago…



  1. Anonymous

    I hope Emily’s move went well and that she is happy in her new environment. I imagine you miss the privacy. I hope her lung infection is improving. It’s amazing to think that she has almost tripled her birth weight and is still only three pounds-so little and so precious. Take care. Rowena

  2. Anonymous

    To quote Rosie O’Donnell,”What a cutey-patootey!” I’m glad to hear she is doing so well… Keep it up Emily!

    Anne (Kent)

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