Nine Weeks Six Days Old

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Emily now weighs in at 1190 grams (2 lbs, 11 oz.)! She’s growing out of her size micro clothes. (You can see her almost bursting out of her outfit in one of the pictures.)

Not too much exciting has happened the past few days. Her oxygen requirements have pretty much been in the 40-50% range, and she had a few days (nights) this week where she didn’t really have any desats at all. Yesterday and today during the day however, she’s been back to her old habit of desatting every five minutes or so and coming out of it on her own. She had another explosive diaper yesterday. The poor victim was the same nurse she had on Thursday, and she hadn’t had a BM since then, so we figure that she’s been saving them up for this particular nurse.

Emily has another eye exam on Tuesday, and tomorrow a new doctor takes over her care for the next three weeks. So far, she’s had Dr. Optimistic, Dr. Pessimistic, and Dr. Conservative. We’ll see what tomorrow brings us.

Also, Jennifer modified the settings on the blog so visitors should be able to post comments now.



  1. Dear Emily,

    This is Isaac writing you. My mommy, daddy and I are praying for you. I just came home on Saturday. I was in the hospital for 6 months and on the ventilater for about 3 months. The nurses were very nice to me but it is very nice to be home to be with mommy and daddy. I love sleeping on mommy’s and daddy’s chest. It used to be only one hour a day but now I get it all day! I know you can do it! I am praying and rooting for you. Its a lot of hard work but very worth it! Take care!


  2. Anonymous

    I am sooo glad you changed this so we could post comments. I had tried the other day and couldn’t. I wanted to tell you how amazing your little girl is. She is also beautiful. I have exp. a 28weeker and the roller coaster ride is NO fun. I will be keeping Emily and the boys in my prayers long after she comes home. Good Luck always, Shay

  3. Hi my daughter Alissa is a former 24weeker. She is 2 and a half now she weighed 1 pound 8 ounces then. She is doing wonderful now she came home with a tracheostmy from airway being so samll like a pinhole from being intabated to much due to her taking her self off the the vent so much caused scar tissue now she is trach free and doing great. I am sure Emily will too. The nicu is a long rollercoaster ride but it is wonderful when they finally coem home Alissa was in for 110 days came home on duedate. You cna check out her site if you want

  4. Anonymous

    I’m rather glad to hear that Emily has had a couple of uneventful days. Hopefully your new doctor will be wonderful. Take care. Lots of prayers coming your way! Rowena

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