Oscillator Redux, Day Two

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Emily gained quite a bit of weight in the 36 hours since she was last weighed. She now weighs 940 grams, or 2 lbs, 1 oz!

Emily had a really good day back on the oscillator. Her 3 AM blood gas showed a pCO2 of 31, which is the lowest it’s ever been, so they weaned the pressures down a little. Her 6 AM and 2 PM blood gases showed pCO2 levels of 52 and 51, respectively. She was a lot more fiesty today than usual; Jennifer thinks that this is a foreshadowing of her personality, and she needed to be sedated with Versed because she was actively fighting the oscillator. She had another x-ray taken this evening. The doctor said after looking at last night’s x-ray that they moved her to the oscillator in the nick of time; he says that her lungs are barely functional. She’s also been weaned a bit on her oxygen; she was requiring 70% oxygen last night but was down to 65% when we left today. We also noticed that she’s been having fewer desats today, sometimes as much as half an hour between episodes. Her bronchio spasms aren’t quite so bad, either; she doesn’t usually fall much below 80% oxygen saturation, and only for a minute or so.