Emily’s room


Emily hasn’t had that much change this week. Her CO2 levels seem to be elevated but they haven’t made that many changes to her ventulator. Currently she is on 46 breaths per minute, her PIP is at 22 and her PEEP is at 7. I am told these are high settings but they are reducing her breathing rate and she is starting to take breaths on her own.

I thought I would talk about her room a bit. I meant to take photos of it today but I forgot. I may update this post to include them tomorrow. Anyway, she has a window that is behind her bed. She is able to get light in from the window although it does have blinds and a shade over it. In short it does look lighter during the day but not much lighter then it does at night. She has her own sink and garbage can in there. There is a glass 3 panel door that seperates her space from that of the rest of the nursery. She also has a white dry erase board in there. I have brought in some dry erase markers and have decorated it. I currently have up there:
Emily K.. (B) I am 5 weeks and 3 days old
I have 73 days till my origional due date
I am 730 grams or 1 pound 10 ounces
I like:
Being on my belly
Being on my back
Sucking on my pacifier
Grabbing and Pulling
the room dark
Clean diapers
Good touching
Being talked to
Sticking out my feet/legs
Being very active
Looking around
Being cozy
Blowing bubbles out my nose
Hitting or kicking nurses if they mess with me

I don’t like:
Being on either side
My diaper being changed
Screaming babies
Loud sounds or noises
Bright lights
Being stuck in the hospital without mommy and daddy

Interesting things about me:
I am the 1st grandchild on both sides
I am the 10th and 2nd great grandchild on mommy’s side
I have 4 grandpas, 3 grandmas, 1 great grandpa, & 3 great grandmas
I have an aunt who is 4 years old
I have twin step uncles who are 24 but were born at 26 weeks
I have no living siblings
Daddy says I have to learn physics before I go to Disney World
Mommy and Daddy are going to homeschool me
Daddy wants me to recreate battles in history using Playmobile
Mommy wants me to help trace her family to the American Revolution
I was given the name that mommy was suppose to have
I have more hair on my head then mommy did when she was 2 years old

Emily’s quote of the day:
(9/6) “If I put my hand here they can’t tell if I don’t like the light or if I don’t want to be messed with. Either way I win!!”
(9/7) “I hope my friend Isaac gets to go home before I do.” (Isaac was born at 23 weeks on April 4th, 2006. He lives in Japan where his parents can only see him for 1 hour a day. They were told he may go home in October.)

I am constantly changing what her board says but this is what I have on it now.

That is all the news I have for now.