Five Weeks Old

HPIM1245 HPIM1246

It’s been a few days since our last update, but not much has changed. As seen in one of the pictures, Jennifer got to do kangaroo care with Emily for about three hours on Saturday. Her feeds were also restarted after being held for 24 hours because of some swelling, but she’s up to 8 mL every two hours and the docs plan to start fortifying her milk with calories today. The number of breaths being given by the ventilator is down to 50/minute. Yesterday was a little rough for Emily. Jennifer tried kangaroo, but after a few minutes she was having trouble so the nurse put her back into her isolette. (We think this has something to do with the fact that some genius decided the loudest screaming baby in the entire nursery needs to be right next to the only two micro-preemies.) She was quite fussy and slept almost all day Sunday, but was quite responsive and protested quite well while receiving care. She eventually settled down shortly after we went home, so hopefully she had a good night. Jennifer also took a great shot of Emily in her new clothes yesterday with her eyes wide open, accidentally taken with a flash. Although this yielded a great shot, our clever little Emily decided that once was enough and refused to open her eyes for quite some time afterwards!