18 weeks 1 day

Hello everyone!!

Well I have a bit of news so I thought I would post. This all started about a week ago. I developed a rash on my inner thighs. I was concerned so I called my doctor who told me to go to my primary care physician. So last Wednesday I went there. My regular doctor was out and as soon as the doctor I did see heard I was carrying triplets he became concerned (I guess there is a reason why he isn’t an OB!!) At that time he thought the rash was a fungus. He called my High Risk OB’s office as to what he could recommend that I take. I guess all of the normal treatments for this are not safe for pregnancy. It was determined that I should wash the area twice a day and put vinegar on the affected area. I should also let it air out as much as possible. So for a day and a half I did this. On the third day I awoke to find that my previously red looking rash was now purple and relatively hard. This scared me so I stopped the vinegar and continued the best I could with the other suggestions.

Then on Saturday I went to the bathroom to find that my mucus had changed color. Fearing that I may be loosing my mucus plug we called the doctor right away. He said that this is normal and said that if it didn’t go away by Monday to call and they would get me in.

Well the mucus remained the same. Meanwhile I developed either a new rash or the old rash spread to other areas, including my hands, arms, soles of feet, and belly. Also on Sunday night I had horrible streching pains. I tried to change position and nothing worked. Finally after about 5 minutes of intense pains it started to subside.

All of this made Tony worry. I figured that the rash that had spread was just more of the same and the doctor had told me that I may have it till I deliver. I figured it was time for me just to get used to this new pregnancy symptom. Tony thought differently and made me call the doctor on Monday. They wanted to see me right away and also told me to make an appointment for the dermatologist.

So yesterday I went to the doctor. He told me that the rash on my arms, hands and belly appeared to be PUPPS. A condition that can happen during pregnancy but typically doesn’t happen until a few weeks before delivery. However with all things pertaining to a multiple pregnancy things get moved up! There is little to do with this condition. The constant itching I just have to get used to. He also told me I had a yeast infection (common for pregnancy) and suggested that the rash on my thighs could be caused by the yeast infection. He prescribed me a medication for the yeast infection and told me to take it (a single pill) twice to see if it would clear up my legs. Otherwise it would be a fungal infection. He recommeded that I follow up with my dermatologist who I see tomorrow or Wednesday.

That brings me up to today. Nothing much has changed. My rash on my arms and belly seems to be either growing (arms) or getting more dense (belly). None of these conditions are fun for me but the children are not noticing anything. In fact they are getting quiet active. Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check my cervix (3 cm which I was concerned about but the doctor wasn’t) and we could see baby A (boy) during the procedure. He was moving and thrashing about the whole time. I told Tony “See he is all you! Can’t stand still for even a moment!” I often feel baby A everyday. He likes to kick in the general area of what I assume is my dormant ovary. They also checked on the other two babies and they are doing well however I was not able to see this as I was talking to the doctor at the same time. We also have no more pictures to show at this time.

I am trying to take it easy this week. It is somewhat difficult for me to do any big walking with the rash on the bottom of my feet. Besides I am getting to the area of concern as far as going into preterm labor (more my concern then the doctors). Also I have been very tired lately.

That is all I have for now. I will post more tomorrow assuming that I get some answers about my rash(es).