16 weeks, 6 days

Christopher 16w 3d a Alexander 16w 3d a Emily 16w 3d a16 weeks 6 days


Pictured are Jennifer, along with Christopher, Alexander and Emily as of 16 weeks, 3 days. As you can see, Jenn is definitely showing! The doctor says that she’s the size of a third trimester pregnancy now. She’s a little freaked out because theoretically she’s supposed to gain ~24 lbs. by 20 weeks, and she’s only gained eight so far. Of course, she couldn’t each all of April because morning sickness was so bad, so she’s gained those eight pounds in the past three weeks. The books all say you should gain at least one pound a week, so I think she’s actually doing pretty good. I’m helping her plan her meals. The current strategy is for me to set out all of the food she should theoretically eat during the day. While I’m at work, she can start eating her way through the day. We’ll see how this works over the next few weeks. The babies all are a good size. According to the doctor, they are developing ‘beautifully’!


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  1. Those are beautiful babies!! Are you planning any nicknames for those boys or will they go by their big boy names? You look great Jennifer. The babies look so low on your body for being so big. It is probably because I am used to people being your size near the end of their pregnancy.
    Keep posting all the news and photos.
    Much love,
    Nai Nai (grandma in Chinese)

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