16 weeks 4 or 5 days

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you know how our appointment went yesterday. We are all doing well. My body is holding up well, and the babies are doing their thing inside me. My cervix only shortened by 4 mm (we are told this is normal) and I gained 8 pounds since my last doctor visit (3 weeks ago). I was told that I am doing so well that I don’t even need to go back till my level 2 ultrasound (big scary one where the babies have to pass their first test) which is on July 6th!

We did find out preliminary genders yesterday. We have 2 boys and a girl. Tony and I had names for 2 children going to the doctor and we came up with the third coming home yesterday.

The first boy born will be named Christopher Matthew. We will not be able to point to the ultrasound and say this is Christopher since the babies can move prior to the C-section and we will never know who is who. So therefore we are naming the first one out.

The second boy born will be Alexander Edward. Edward is Tony’s middle name and Alexander will also have the same initials as his daddy. This is the name we came up with yesterday.

The little girl will be Emily Anne. Those who can remember back when my mom was pregnant may remember this name. It was the name that I was suppose to have. Anne is also my middle name.

We are assigning colors to the babies for when they come home from the hospital. This will be the color of their crib sheets, a few blankets (or sleep sacks), their bath towel, and a few outfits when they are small (my guess under 3 months of age). As I have stated before, this is to help us to identify them when they all look alike.

Their colors are:
Christopher – Blue or shades within
Alexander – Green or shades within
Emily – Red or shades within

We may mess with the spelling of the names but since our last name is hard enough for people to spell I don’t think this is likely.

Sorry I don’t have the ultrasound pictures scanned yet. The babies are all sort of on top of one another now. Before 2 were side by side on the bottom and one was on top. We are going to Babies R Us tomorrow to update the registry with things we couldn’t register for before, so we will scan the ultrasound pictures at that time and post them late afternoon our time. We will also take an update belly shot of me. I did measure my belly this morning and I am 38 inches around!

By the way, I am the size of a third trimester singleton pregnancy now. My doctor said I should be experiencing things that women normally experience at that time, now. I can say that I have, what I call “piggy feet” or swollen legs and feet, in the afternoon. I am also starting to develop mild insomnia at night. As far as feeling baby movement I occasionally do feel them but it is not at all constant. They all still have quite a bit of room and so that is normal. My doctor said I should be feeling them well by the next doctor visit. Having said that, last night during my insomnia, I did feel baby A (a boy, maybe Christopher) moving around quite a bit. Seeing that I don’t feel this often I actually stayed awake so I could feel it more!

That is all I have to report at this time. I will try to get Tony to write some tomorrow.