15 weeks 2-3 days


I have decided to post more since I am feeling better and I plan on using this to doctument my pregnancy.

Yesterday, I think I felt baby C kick me in the rib. I was sitting at the computer and typing. I don’t know what else it could have been if it were not a kick. I could honestly say I have never felt anything like it before.

I have started to take my prenatal vitamins in the morning. I was having trouble taking them in the evening and I found that I could only take the bigger of the two pills. I believe that the other pill would be nice if I could take but I can’t so I am not going to force myself to take it.

I have started to think about how I am going to doctument the children’s development. I have a few ideas but I would really like to find something where I could just fill in the blanks rather then creating something from scratch. My years as a nanny have taught me that simpler is better. I have already created a chart to track what each child is doing day to day. I feel that at the begining the children will not always be taken care of by me and I don’t want one to only do one activity all day inadvertantly. This will also allow me, or other people, to write intresting things about what that specific child did that day. This will help me when later (my guess is much later) I create baby books for each of them.

Other then that not much new to report. The weather here is hot and humid so I am just staying inside with the AC on.

That is all for now!


Oh by the way, the reason why I have 15 weeks 2-3 days is because the last ultrasound showed the children one day ahead of schedule as far as growth.