My belly at 14 weeks 5 days

Jennifer and Tony 1HPIM1149
Hello Everyone!

It has taken me some time to do this but here I am. I wanted to find an outfit that I could wear for a “before” and “after.” Unfortunately I am the one normally taking pictures in this family so there are very few of me!!

The “before” picture (Tony and I together) is from right after we got engaged. Granted this may not be the best before photo since I gained 10 pounds to get pregnant in the first place. At any rate you can see that I have a relatively flat tummy.

The “after” picture was taken just a few minutes ago. The surprised look on my face is just me making sure Tony was using the camera correctly. Like I said, I normally am the one taking pictures.

In both of the photos I am in fitting clothes so it shouldn’t be too hard to see the differance.

That is all the news I have for now!

I had trouble uploading the pictures. Sorry for the post being a few days old already. Not much has changed with me though.