Hello it is Jennifer talking this time!


I thought I would post a message on here since I haven’t done so in a while. As you can see we posted pictures of the babies yesterday. I thought I would also give some other information since people have commented that it took us a long time to post between pictures.

I have 2 appointments set with the doctor.

The first is a cervix check on June 8th. They do this via way of ultrasound, we are hoping that they will also check to see what we are having at that time as well! I am unsure if they will give us more ultrasound photos then or not. For those of you that are curious my May 18th cervix was 4.4 cm.

The second is on July 6th. This is my “level 2” ultrasound. To my horror I have found out that this is to check if there is anything physically wrong with the children. I am told that they take many measurements of the babies and I should expect that the ultrasound will take 30 minutes per child, at least! Obviously if we are unable to tell what they are on June 8th we will know on July 6th.

As Tony has said, the babies are all doing well and I am holding up as well as can be!

For those of you that are curious we have registered for some items at Babies R Us. (www.babiesrus.com if you would like to look online.) This is mostly for Tony so he know what I want after the children are born and I can’t get out, however if anyone wants to purchase things feel free to do so! We will not turn anything away! Along these lines I also want to point out that I am looking for a yellow rubber duck that is sealed (no water can get in) and squeaks. I know that they exist but I can’t find one. If you know where I can find one PLEASE let me know!!!

We will be assigning colors to the babies once we know what we are having. This will help us easily identify them when they come home from the hospital even though none are identical. I figure that regardless of how many mothers may protest, most babies look alike when they are born, so we are going to need all the help we can get for that. My goal will be to have at least one item of their clothing have the said color on it at all times. (Tony wants to magic marker their feet, I told him no!!)

I hope to have a picture taken of myself soon so you can see my belly. Many are curious on how I have changed. For those of you that don’t know, I am in maternity clothing already.

Oh, one last thing on the children, the babies all measured a day ahead of where I am. I don’t know if that will change my “due date” or not I just thought I would mention it.

That is all the news I have for now. Talk to you all later!!


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