13 weeks 3 days

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We went in for another check-up on Thursday, May 18. The babies look like miniature people now! The pictures on the blog don’t do them justice. All were very active. Baby B has already found its thumb, and we could see him or her sucking on its thumb. Then Baby B arched his/her back. While this was going on, Baby A was busy kicking Baby B in the head. Baby C was the hardest one to get pictures of. He/she turned his/her head towards the probe when the technician was scanning, and every time the tech tried to get a still image, he/she disappeared! (And here I didn’t think there was enough room to hide – especially with two siblings in there!) We finally got pictures of Baby C, as you can see. All three babies have two arms, two legs, hearts, stomachs, and we could see the bladder for one of them. The babies were all ~70 mm long. (~3 inches).

Jennifer is feeling much better. The babies are letting her eat solid food now and she isn’t feeling as nauseas anymore.