9 weeks, 3 days

Tony here, posting for Jennifer on account of the computer makes her morning sickness worse. Sorry everyone for the delay in posting. Jennifer has been really sick from the morning sickness. On Wednesday, I had to take her in to the emergency room at P. Hospital. She was suffering from dehydration because of the naseua. She took three liters of fluid through an IV and they gave her medication to help with the morning sickness. Later that day, they released her after she was able to drink some juice and hold down some solid food. We went to see her high-risk OB on Thursday for the first time. He says everything is going as well as can be expected for a triplet pregnancy. All three are the right size, their heartbeats are strong, and they are well spaced. Jennifer had an ultrasound — the images are below. One of the triplets (number three in the group shot, but number two I think in the close-up — I think the tech mislabelled the individual shots), was kicking on Wednesday, and we saw moving again on Thursday. My (Tony’s) mom says that one must be the miniature Tony. 🙂


  1. Yay! More baby pictures. These came out darker but it is so great to see their little bodies developing. I’m glad Jennifer got some fluids and some meds. She should be feeling better soon. Jennifer, have you outgrown all your clothes yet?
    I’m so happy for your family of five. Keep up the good work. They say you expend the energy that it takes to climb a mountain each day of your pregnancy. I wonder if you are climbing 3 mountains a day? You should be ready for a triathalon (or maybe you just feel like you completed one).
    Much love,
    Ye Ye and Nai Nai and Ayi Jazmyn

  2. Wow, I hope things get better in the second trimester. I love the pictures. Keep climbing those mountains.
    Love you
    Aunt Julie

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