8 weeks 1 day


Well yesterday we went in for our third ultrasound. Everything is progressing well. We have 7 ultrasound pictures but I am really not feeling well lately so going to Kinko’s to scan them into the computer will have to wait till the weekend.

Our babies haven’t moved and are in the same positions.

Bottom right (these could be reversed but it is a bottom baby) measured 16.6mm and is considered 8 weeks 1 day. Their heart rate is/was 183 beats per minute.

Bottom left measured 17.4mm is considered 8 weeks 1 day with a heart rate of 171 beats per minute.

The top baby was hard to see. I think that is because of the use of a transvaginal ultrasound as opposed to a transabdomninal. I assume that these numbers are correct but it is possible for them to be off. He/She measured 14.6mm, is considered 7 weeks and 6 days, with a heart rate of 178 beats per minute.

When you see the ultrasound pictures you will see a lot of fluid by the baby with the baby in a corner. I am told this is normal. The one on the left was the most corporative and actually looks like a miniature human already. You will also notice that there is other areas of blackness that do not relate to a baby. Please be sure that these are not other children that have yet to be discovered. It is simply the contours of my body. The Ultrasound Tech has been doing this for 20 years and told us with one quick glance at my uterus that everything looked normal. That was before she started measuring them.

My doctor says everything is progressing as well as I could hope. The babies heart rate are suppose to be high and will gradually decrease as I and they progress. This is the fastest that they will get though. He has even told me to contact a Maternal-Fetal doctor. This doctor is a doctor that specializes in high risk pregancies. Being that I am carrying 3 babies I am automatically considered high risk. I should also have a convention OB as well. That doctor I have yet to determine who it will be. My doctor (the RE) will not release me till 12 weeks but suggested that I make the appointment soon.

Just so everyone knows, I plan on going to Philadelphia to give birth to the babies. There is a hospital down there that is suppose to be number 3 in the country. If given a choice (which I do have) I would prefer to give birth down there because of that. To give you an idea (those of you that have never been out here before) of how far away that is from here it is about one hour away. That is depending on traffic of coarse. My doctor has offices here in New Jersey as well as in Pennsylvania. Though all of his offices are well south of here much in the same area as my RE’s main office is.

As far as how I am doing. I am doing about as well as I could expect. These children are very picky about what they want already! Something I hope that doesn’t continue! I have been mostly eating carb loaded items. My doctor doesn’t mind since it is still early and I need to gain 1 pound per week for the next several weeks. My rough times are in the morning and in the evening. Though lately it can be at anytime of the day. I am starting to get a belly, and I am told I could be as big as a singleton full term size as soon as 21 weeks. I guess I have a bit of growing to do! I have noticed that I can’t stand for long periods of time, which made Palm Sunday a nightmare this week. When seated I can’t be vertical. I have to be in a more laid back position. I guess the two lower babies don’t like the one on top to squish them! I also have problems looking down for any length of time. So you could just imagine what fun I had when trying to read hymnals in church!! I am starting to get weird cravings which is not all that strange considering what I normally eat on any day that I am not pregnant. That is about it with how I am physically.

We have started a registry on Babies R Us but we are still changing things so I will let you know when it is complete. I imagine it will be in the next month or so. I might also start a registry at Baby Universe (online store) since they have some items that I can’t get at Babies R Us.

That is all for now!