6 weeks 4 days

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Well we did it good this time! We saw 3 heartbeats this morning! We are still in a bit of shock but I am recovering. The heart rates are 119, 118, 119 beats per minute. I have bloodwork Tuesday and Thursday of next week then I will have a Ultrasound the following Tuesday.

Here they are!


  1. Yeahhhhh!!! I am so excited. Three sweet blessings. It doesn’t get any better than this.
    Congratulations you guys. You better start shopping for a mini-van. I better start making some baby quilts. Yippee!!!!

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Now that you can say you are eating for four you should get to have all your favorites everyday. Does Tony know how to make cheesecake?
    Much love,
    Memaw and Gramps

  3. We are so happy! I think the babies are very photogenic. All our friends are excited and wish you well. One lady is getting ready to knit little caps. Good wishes and prayers from everyone. What a wonderful blessing.

  4. Hey Jenn and Tony
    I am so excited I can barely breath!!! I gotta figure out how I can make it out there when they come. Weeeee Heeeeee!!!!
    Love to all 5 of you

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