We found the egg!!

Hello everyone!!

Well it is true. I have had 2 blood tests and I am pregnant. The first one I had a HCG level of 186 (12 days past IUI) and the second one was 350 (14 days past IUI). These levels are high so we are hoping it is only twins if multiples. I will go in on Tuesday for another blood test and will find out the results of that on Wednesday. Once I get above 2000 then I go in for an ultrasound and we will see how many we have. We will only see sacks with the first ultrasound not heartbeats.

That is all the news for now!


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  1. Yippeee! We are very excited. I looked at a due date calculator that said you would be due November 19th. I think November 25th would be a great day!
    I will send lots of positive thoughts of wonderful healthy babies (or one would be OK too).
    Way to go.
    Dad says he is mighty excited too.

    Love, Laurel (and Gramps and Auntie Jazmyn)

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