Post IUI RE visit

Hello everyone!!

Well Tony and I are in the wonderful land of boxes!!! However I wanted to drop a quick note telling people about my visit with the RE yesterday.

He told me that I had 2 normal cysts and 4 bleeding cysts (“hemoratic” if that is how you spell it). My ovaries are HUGE too. One is 7 cm by 5 cm and the other is over 5 cm! I don’t know what they are suppose to be but the ultrasound tech indicated that I should feel that they are larger now. I guess that is why I am dressing with elastic wastebands most days!!

The cysts you can picture as 3 playground balls in each hand. One of the playground balls burst but is still in a round shape (one in each hand that is) and the other 2 (in each hand) burst but then decided to bleed. So insted of being filled with air or water (my guess water in the body) it is filled with blood.

The two that burst but still have their shape the doctor is confident released eggs. The 4 that are blood filled he is unsure about. So it is possiable I released 6 eggs. As Tony would say it is “2 eggs within an order of magnatude.”

I will be going in for my blood pregnancy test next Thursday. If I am successful, I will find out Friday afternoon, after 2 pm my time. I don’t plan on testing before then so if you want to set your watch to that time. I will post as soon as I know something. Then again you could just open your window around then and you will likely hear my screams of joy if we succeeded.