Scary day…


Well yesterday I went for my ultrasound and bloodwork. My doctor tells me that I have 2 mature follicles on my right and a whopping 6 on my left!! That means that it is, theoretically, possible that I will release 8 eggs. However I think this is unlikely and even if I do who is to say that they will all produce an embryo and/or implant. The doctor wanted to check some of my bloodtest results before he either canceled this cycle, or went ahead with it.

So I had a very nervous afternoon waiting for the doctor to call me and tell me what he has decided. I finally get a call at 5:30 last night from a nurse who said that the doctor is going to let me move forward!!! I was so happy, I felt she just told me I was pregnant! I was given my instructions for the next 3 days. Lupron for yesterday and today, Menopur (75 units) for last night and tonight I am to have my HCG injection but only half the dose. Saturday we go in for the IUI.

This means that Tony will spend part of his birthday in a doctor’s office. Not ideal but I don’t think he minds. After all, I keep asking him what he wants for his birthday and all he has said is “I want to be a daddy.” Maybe this year he will get his wish!!

I will keep everyone posted!