Doctor everyday and still no answers

Sorry I am delayed on writing this. However as they say, better late then never!

On Friday I went to the doctor (my insulin resistant doctor) and he told me that I need to start eating fish that is from the sea and not farm raised. So now I am trying to do that. He also told me about the Glycemic Index. This I am going to have to wait till I meet with the nutritionist (the Tuesday after we move) to really understand. Best I can find it is not an exact science (which to me is not a good thing) so I am going to focus on what else he told me that being that my cholesterol is up. That is something I never thought I would hear. My cholesterol is always low but because of my diet I have had to eat more cheese. Now I am eating soy products.

On Saturday I went in for a ultrasound and bloodwork and my doctor wanted me to come in again yesterday. The rest of Saturday was spent looking a HUGE mall outside Philly (highly recommend that mall!!) and then I was ill in the afternoon. I was fine by the evening though.

I went to the doctor yesterday and I have a TON of follicles. The doctor went through them with me and told me that I have 3 (1 on my right and 2 on my left) that he thinks will mature into eggs. I have to go back on Wednesday to see where I am at that point. I may be triggered then. So that would put my IUI at the end of the week.

I think I am having my first symptoms of the medication that I am on. I have been slightly nauseated since Saturday. Saturday it was really bad but it really has been on and off since then. The only thing that has changed is I am now on Menopur. My doctor said that my estrogen is high because of all the follicles also so it could be that one thing is causing another. It is also sucking all the energy out of me. I guess I just have to take it easy for a while. That is not a bad thing too!

I will write tomorrow to talk about what is going on.