CD 3 Injectable/IUI cycle

Hello everyone!

Well I got back from the doctor today and I have my instructions. I had 5 follicles on my right that were less then ten and 14 on my left less then ten. Lets hope they don’t all decided to grow!! Ha ha!

I am to reduce my Lupron to 5 units in the morning (I was at 10). I am to continue this until further notice. I am (and have) to take 225 units of Gonal F tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night. I was suppose to go in again on Friday but because I am seeing another doctor in the practice that day and my insurance doesn’t like two appointments in the same day, I have to wait till Saturday to go in for the Ultrasound and bloodwork. Therefore on Friday I am to take 75 units of Menopur and 75 units of Gonal F.

So far everything went well. Tomorrow I will have to stick myself twice for the Gonal F because I have only 300 unit pens (4 total). The pens are not that bad. The worst part about them is the shear size of it as compared to my little needles that I take the Lupron with. That was a bit intimidating. I survived though and I think tomorrow will be better. Awkward hand placement tonight led to a bit of confusion. By the way, the shots are easier for me now. I don’t really even feel the Lupron injections anymore and the only reason why I felt the Gonal F injection tonight is because I hit a nerve. That happens though so hopefully I will be lucky tomorrow.

Anyway that is all the news I have to report for today. I will write again on Friday after my appointment with Dr. W the nutritional and insulin resistant specialist doctor. Tony is coming with me for that.