Circling the Airport,

Well I have yet to get my period. So that means that I haven’t started any new medication yet. I am hoping that I will get it soon to get on with things though. Things should move quick after I do get my period though so keep an eye on the blog.

Also, I saw my nutritionist this week. She says that I have lost 7 pounds since November. I am currently at 132 and the my doctor wants me at 145. So I have to eat more yet still be on my diet. Personally I think if I eat any more I will be on the diet I was on before I got put on this diet. I meet with my “nutritional” RE (along with Tony) next Friday. Hopefully he can shed some light on this for us. I recently went and got more bloodwork done, so, who knows maybe I will not be insulin resistant anymore. I was borderline before.

The good news is we will be getting a snow storm this weekend, so if I can’t get my period at least I can watch it snow!

Just thought I would give an update!

Talk to you all when I have more information!