Day -5

Well I have been taking my Leuprolide for 3 days now. So far it hasn’t been that bad. I think the worst part for me is while I don’t mind people getting blood from me, I don’t like watching the needle go in me. Therefore I am having trouble watching myself stick a needle in myself. Once it is in I am fine, it is just the going in part that I am having trouble with. It doesn’t hurt really and once it is done it truly is the pain that you forget!

The Prometrium has been giving me a bit of difficulty though. I am getting quite dizzy after I take it (dizzier then I was before) and this in turn makes me tired. I am sure I will get over it and it is only for the next few days anyway. Lucky for me I don’t take it on Saturday when we are to go out dancing.

I will let you know if anything changes!