Injections Class

Greetings everyone!

Well yesterday we went for our injections class. It was interesting. It actually looks like fun though I have yet to give myself an injection yet so the novelty may wear quickly off.

Most of the needles are small “subcutainous” needles. For Laural, they are 27g 1/2 inch needles. They look sort of like a small sewing needle in size and thickness. Therefore they don’t look like they would hurt too much. I will be injecting myself in the thigh mostly. I could also inject into my belly. The procedure is easy and it doesn’t look that bad. I will be mixing some of the medication and even that doesn’t appear to be that bad. When I mix medications I take the dry drug (in a vial) and combine it with water (which is in a separate vial) a few swishes around (to not get air bubbles and it is ready.

I do have one drug (the HCG injection or Novarel) that will be administered intramuscular. This drug Tony will give me. The procedure is different (slightly) and I can’t give this to myself. I will only take this once during the cycle though.

We were surprised to find out when we were in the class that I was to be starting one of the drugs right away. In fact I needed to have an ultrasound and blood work done that day! The doctor didn’t mention to us that I was to start Leuprolide or Lupron, as it is commonly known by, on the CD 20 of the prior cycle to the cycle of injectables. That was a bit of a surprise. I was so thankful that I got my meds on time. I will get a call today to tell me what dose to take and when I should start taking it. My guess is it will be either today or tomorrow.

We didn’t have to poke a orange. They actually had a rubber flesh colored dummy that we could use (no it wasn’t Tony either). It wasn’t that painful to watch so I hope it will not be that painful to do. 🙂

We were told that I will be doing injections either in the morning, at night or in the morning and at night.

I will post more when I know more!