Our Consult


Well today Tony and I went in for our “next step” consult. My doctor wants me to go to injectables starting the next cycle. I will be taking either one or two injectables for the first part of my cycle. I will be going in about every 3 days for blood work and ultrasounds until I have eggs that are ready to be released. At that time I will be given a HCG injection followed by an IUI. The rate of success is higher then with the Tamoxiphen. With Tamoxiphen I was at a rate of about 30%, with injectables it goes up to about 60%.

There are drawbacks to the injectables (other then the obvious ouch factor). If I do get pregnant I will have an 11% chance of twins and a 6% of more then twins. Tony and I have to discuss the possibility of being pregnant with 4 or more children (i.e. selective reduction). This rate is small though. We luckily do not need to decide any of this tomorrow. There are other risks but they are all small.

In case you are curious, the injectables are hormones that my body produces anyway. We are just increasing the dose. We are also using a medication to surpress my pituitary gland which will think that I have a huge egg and want to release it (I will not have a huge egg just multiple eggs and my body will not know the difference.)

The doctor said that the odds of me having another “canceled cycle” or a cycle like I am currently on (see below post) is rare. So that is good news also. He said he is willing to do this for 3 cycles before we would move to IVF. Hopefully it will work before we get there. 🙂

I am going in for my injectable class next Tuesday with Tony. I should be receiving the injectables in the mail sometime soon. I just hope that I don’t start my cycle before I get the meds. That would be awful since I would have to wait another cycle!

Let me know if any of you have any questions. Odds are other people who read this will have the same questions.