My results with the doctor

I had my ultrasound last night and I got to meet with my doctor then too. He said that my cyst that I had on CD2 is still there and he called it a “functional cyst.” My understanding is that it is producing hormones. He believes that I am going to ovulate sometime in the next 3 days, and because of this my cycle is going to be shorter. Because of this there will be no further treatment this cycle. He also said that this cycle being messed up is a result of the Tamoxiphen that I had taken last cycle.

He has recommended that we go in for a consult on the next step. This appointment will be 2 weeks from yesterday or January 24th. I asked him if we are going to be progressing to injectables and he said yes. Though he is willing to do another cycle of Tamoxiphen.

Now I am debating on whether I want another cycle of Tamoxiphen given how it has messed me up for this cycle. This is something that I will talk to him about. If any of you have comments on this please feel free to tell them to me.

By the way, all of this turns out to mean that I will be either starting injectables or on injectables for when we move. Needless to say this will be a move that I will not forget! (We will be moving between March 1st and 17th.)