Morning of CD 5

Today I have 2 doctor’s appointments. It normally doesn’t work that way but because I had very short notice and they wanted to be sure they saw me today, this is the way it is. This morning I went down the main clinic. If you were to look it up on a map, look for Philly and then go east. That is about 40 minute drive for me from home (give or take depending on traffic.) I had to have some blood tests done today.

Well I guess all the blood that I have given the last few days has caught up to me.
Recap: I had a blood pregnancy test on Tuesday, January 3rd, and I had a blood draw on Saturday, January 7th.
I have small veins and the nurse went looking for a vein today and it took him about 15 minutes. When he did find the vein no blood would come out (needle 1). So then my doctor, who was passing by decided he would give it a try. He tried relatively the same spot, no luck (needle 2, bigger needle, he wanted to be the 4th person to get me without a pediatric needle in my life). Then he beat up on my hand and was able to find one there (needle 3, full size)!

I will have to wait till this evening to find out the results. Lets hope for the best!