Hypogammaglobinemia, Secondary / Acquired

This is a big word but like many things in life, once you break them into pieces they are easier to understand. So lets start with this word. Hypo – meaning lack of. Meriam Webster (MW) says that it is : “less then normal”. Gamma Globin – This is the part of the blood that … [Read more…]

Dear Jane again…

This is 3 blocks I did today. I normally aim for 1 block a day. The blocks are quite complicated and so 1 block a day is a good goal. Today I did 3 (though 1 was started yesterday). I also put together a bike today. My new bike. First bike I have had since … [Read more…]

Dear Jane…

You will likely see me talk a lot about Dear Jane. This a quilt I am working on that is not expected to be done till June 2023… and that is just the top of the quilt. Then the real works begins with quilting it and even binding it is a challenge (scalloped edge). So … [Read more…]

March 22, 2022

I never know what to put for a title so I went with the date. Today this site got hacked… at least I found out about it today. I keep meaning to come here to write but not being able to talk about fostering is sort of like talking about my life with the inability … [Read more…]