Video of the boys in Gym and Swim

As you can see we went to the gym today. This isn’t that unusual as we go there nearly everyday. Tomorrow is our day off as is the weekend. Other then that our last 24 hours have been relatively uneventful. Did stuff with Foster baby G but that was it. Tomorrow should be fun… at … [Read more…]

That suddenly took a different turn…

This post I wrote about 2 weeks ago. Yep things are still busy around here. However I want to document a few things so this is going up now (minus the photos and videos for now, I hope to insert them soon). Well I didn’t intend to stop writing. It just happened. June was very … [Read more…]

A Zephyr, minus a wreck

This is what I wore today. A navy maxi dress. 🙂 Today we sold our beloved Maya the Minivan and purchased Zephyr the Minivan. Zephyr is a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. That is why you see her (or is it a he?) with a power cord. The car is smarter then I am. Tons of safety … [Read more…]